October 15, 2012

Sundae Blizzard

This drawing is based on a photo my husband took last winter.  In the original photo, situated next to the sundae is a phone displaying the temperature outside: thirty degrees Fahrenheit.  That's cold for Portland.  And, as is typical of me, I crave ice cream when it gets that cold. 

Once, shortly after graduating from college, I was living with my good friend in a tiny basement apartment on a hill out in the country.  It snowed heavy, thick, wet flakes and then froze on top.  What did we do late that night in the frigid dark?  We walked to a Plaid Pantry near the bottom of the hill, maybe 3/4 miles away, to buy ice cream.  It was dark in spite of the white glow of the snow.  Wind blew icy sheets of sharp cold in our faces.  At least the treats stayed frozen until we got to our burrow of a basement to zone out to sugary sweets and a movie.  

The sundae sketched here is from Back to Eden Bakery, which I describe as a vegan Willy Wonka shop.  I still can't get over that EVERYTHING in the store is vegan, and a lot of it is gluten free.  You name it:  quiche, brownies, whoopee pies, gummy bears, shakes and ice cream, sundaes WITH MARSHMALLOWS!!!  I didn't even like marshmallows much before I became veg, but I tried them in one of their make-your-own sundaes and now it's not a sundae without vegan marshmallows. 

This drawing was my first vegan sundae, not only at the bakery, but ever.  I didn't yet know of the magic of vegan marshmallows, so I had chocolate chips with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce and chunks of "Oreo"-like cookies.  Wow.  Super soft.  Super sweet.  Lulled me into a nice, warm, deep winter sleep as soon as I got home.  


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  1. I was at an ice cream store one time in winter and said something to the clerk that he must think I am crazy buying ice cream on such a cold night. He said they sell more ice cream in winter than in any other season!!!