October 5, 2012

Hemp, Scandalous Hemp! And Roasted Broccoli.

Still no way to scan, so I hope this photo of my little drawing comes through okay.  VeganMOFO is hard for me this year.  I missed yesterday, and it's only week one.  Plus, I see all the blog photos on the "round ups" (at the VeganMOFO website) and feel a little childish compared to the elegant photos of professional-chef-worthy cuisine.  

Oh well.  Part of my reason for doing this was to get over myself and just draw and write and post and not fret about what I'm not.  

Without meaning to, I ended up drawing one day's meals in this image; although I'm sure I had some chocolate that got left out of the picture.  Do any of you ever go a day without chocolate?  When did this habit start for me?  Seriously ... it's like I've left the house with only one shoe on when I don't eat chocolate.  

I know "hemp" sounds scandalous to some folks, but my friend and I tried Sorta Sausage's hemp burgers at Portland's VegFest and thought they were the best thing we'd ever tasted, at least the best veggie burger we'd ever tasted.  I used a coupon to buy a box (they're kinda spendy at about $6 for four patties), and, well, I figured out the secret.  The ladies at VegFest were frying the burgers in way more oil than I'd ever use.  After basically toasting them in a barely-oiled pan on the stove, I made them into sandwiches for dinner, and they were good, but not the oh-my-gosh-I-must-have-more good that we experienced at VegFest.  My man and I decided we still prefer Dr. Praeger's, which seem a little healthier and are a little less spendy.  

My husband and I are working on thinking up healthy vegan meals that are really good at being two things:  savory-satisfying and QUICK.  The broccoli in this drawing was from Trader Joe's -- pre-cut and in a plastic bag (something I never do as you know, or if you don't you can read this about why [But, just in case it isn't obvious, the lady in the picture with the perky boobs is NOT me!]), but I figure some wasted plastic is better than getting take out.  Anyway, I roasted the broccoli:  super easy and super tasty.  Spray a little oil, sprinkle a little salt, roast, and eat like french fries.  Then, guess what-- a few days later, Food Day in The Oregonian runs a story about roasting broccoli like it's this big break through idea.  I swear our house is bugged.  

Happy Friday!  I hope you all had a good week.  See you Monday!


  1. Trista - your drawings are SO cute. And, just so you know, incredibly inspiring. I now want every single item. So whatever you're doing (heh), it's working!

  2. Hey Trista! I love your drawings too!

    For a delicious and quick meal I boil up some pasta noodles (or quinoa, orzo, whatever you want) and make a homemade vegan sauce in the vita mix.

    I will usually add garlic, 3-4 tomatoes from the garden, a handful of nuts, basil, some nutritional yeast, some kale, sometimes a little bit of tofu if I want it thicker-basically whatever I have or want and blend it up.

    Then I heat it in the sauce pan (if I so desire I add cooked sliced mushrooms or zucchini to the sauce). It's really easy and you get a whole of veggies in it! It's becoming my favorite meal.

    I promise it's very savory and quick!

  3. And I love your cute drawings too! Alas, I have not the time nor patience for drawing food, so I dig people who do! And I love the way you write too. I'm imagining you leaving the house with one shoe on and an empty chocolate wrapper :)

  4. I'm loving your adorable drawings! They are so much fun!

  5. Your drawings are great! I feel the same way when I see the roundup photos. Like I'm a child playing with makeup.

  6. I can't draw at all so your drawings are making me happy and impressed. Keep up the great MoFo!