October 16, 2012

Brown Rice Morning ... Genius!

My man's a genius.  

I have an all-or-nothing attitude and get overwhelmed when I think I can't "do it all" and do it all well.  Yesterday, I had a ton of things to do, and I fretted that we had nothing figured out for dinner, I'd be home late, and we'd end up with take-out.  

My husband, even though he is a strong take-out proponent, said we could make brown rice in the morning so it would be ready for dinner. Genius!  

While I graded essays hours before "sun"-up, the brown rice steamed away on the stove making the dark, cool morning feel warm and smell like fresh, toasted bread.  

I made it through the day, mostly by staying supremely focused on the moment and trying not to get ahead of myself**, came home to the warm-smelling house, and continued to work until my guy got home.  Then:  scoops of rice into two bowls, scoop of beans from Better Bean, scoop of salsa, some cherry tomatoes from the garden, some chili powder, some n-yeast for me, and microwave.  

Dinner served by 8pm, the two of us tucked in at the dinner table scooping up the rice, one of us barely able to keep her eyes open long enough to eat.  

This drawing was done earlier, but it's almost the same meal.  My husband has mastered making what he calls "dirty rice," and we serve it with beans, corn, sometimes avocado and shredded carrots.  

How can you go wrong with beans and rice?  It's such a hearty combo, affordable, super healthy, and quick -- if you make the rice ahead of time.  Genius I tell you.  I married a genius!


 **Just in case you think I'm anywhere near being a together person, you should know that while we ate dinner and talked about our days, it became increasingly clear I held some frustrations from the day.  My husband encouraged me to "get it out," and next thing I know, I'm cussing up a storm while he's comically patting me on the back saying "there, there" until we're both laughing so hard I feared I'd lose the nourishing dinner I'd just eaten.  


  1. Ok - a couple of things about this... first - I've had a hankering to make rice or quinoa with taco seasoning and serve with beans, avocado, etc. so kudos for further inspiring me. second - i want to see you cuss up a storm. I love that visual - knowing you two, it warms my heart to think of that scene. :) seriously - totally just made my day! third - so smart making the rice ahead of time! I might have to do that tomm morning for my taco rice tomm night!!

  2. Grading papers before sun up!??!! I whimper when I have to be out of bed before 8 am. NOT a morning person.
    Alas, I cannot eat brown rice and sure do miss it in my diet.

  3. Let's here it for the boys who get us through MoFo! Dig bowl food. I posted something like that yesterday too. Great post and pic.

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